Construction finishes in Guatemala

It makes of vertical decorativas blinds of fabric and pvc, horizontals of miniblind of 1" , wood horizontals of 2" , rollux different fabrics screen black.


It makes of vertical decorativas blinds of fabric and PVC, horizontals of miniblind of 1" , wood horizontals of 2" , rollux different fabrics screen black out, Roman, material curtains and folding fabrics in existence, doors, false skies, divisions of tablayeso and borders.
25 Calle 2-79 zona 6 de Mixco San Francisco I - Guatemala - Guatemala

Ventanas y Puertas de PVC Josema

PVC windows and doors
Av 15 de septiembre zona 1 Poptun, Peten - Poptún - Petén - Guatemala

Constructoras en los Estados Unidos -
Construccion de viviendas familiares Pintura, tablayeso, pisos, electricidad, plomeria, textura, madera, avaluos, disenos, construccion, remodelacion....

Glass shops in Guatemala
Manufacture and installation of windows and doors in PVC and aluminum, sale and installation of tempered glass (doors, bathtubs, facades), service and security films sandblast ...

Construremodelaciones Peten

projects are developed in the department of Peten
Peten - Flores - Petén - Guatemala

Ventanas de PVC el Quiche

Factory imported PVC windows and aluminum in white and imitation wood in different designs that engage their nesesidad.

Very affordable price
Zona 4 Santa Cruz del Quiche - Quiché - Guatemala


We are a company that its primary purpose is innovation in finished and finished its construction projects and renovation of all types of properties.
All aluminum and glass, uPVC, ceilings, furniture and finished wood, design and construction of architectural works.
Entrada a la Terminal Cantón San José Zona 5 - Huehuetenango - Guatemala

Interior design in Guatemala -
Apartment buildings and renovation of exterior and interior design prior computerized European models are made. Specialists in masonry, electricity, tiled, plumbing and painting. ...

Architects in Guatemala -
Portal architecture, which presents proposals for housing, products and services, plus information and advice needed to build. Home designs, plans, list of materials, construction materials...


Everything for stamped concrete work at super low prices, we supply all inputs to projects and we manufacture the molds for personalizing each project.
San José Pinula, Guatemala, Guatemala. - Guatemala - Guatemala

Flambo - Ambiente Calido

Gas, electric, ethanol and ecological firewood: modern fireplaces
Design, construction and installation.
4a. calle 22-20 zona 3
Plaza Cantabria
local 2 - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

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